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Join thousands of others in March on a guided cleanse & detox that includes live group coaching from Jason.

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You won’t find this potent combination of experiential wisdom and groundbreaking science anywhere else. Beyond Longevity is grounded in Jason’s exclusive interviews with elders around the globe who are thriving well into their 90s and 100s — combined with his own clinical experience and research from the most esteemed integrative doctors, scientists, healers, therapists, and more.


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You'll Discover...

The science of longevity — what aging actually is and how you can increase your biological coherence.

The role of cellular energy and epigenetic expression to remain healthy (your health state is NOT determined by your genes).

How sleep, light, and circadian rhythm impact every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

Why food can be your medicine or poison and which dietary habits actually accelerate healing.

How to increase cellular intelligence and communication by safely supporting detoxification and improving elimination.

How to choose the right exercise for YOU and your specific context.

The critical importance of processing trauma, shedding conditioned beliefs, and how your subconscious patterns impact your biological expression.

How to consciously re-pattern your thoughts to improve mental, emotional, and physical health.

The latest therapeutic breakthroughs including regenerative orthopedics, peptides, stem cells, and so much more.

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About the Human Longevity Project Film Series

Jason spent two years traveling across three continents, interviewing some of the longest-living and healthiest elders on the planet — people in their 80s, 90s, and beyond 100, who were still thriving — in order to discover the secrets to health, longevity, and overall joy.

Over the course of this journey, he also interviewed over 100 experts in the fields of gerontology, anti-aging medicine, nutrition, immunology, functional medicine, social genomics, food sciences, chronobiology, toxicology, genetics, microbiology, neurology, bioinformatics, biohacking, mental health, and human psychology.

This acclaimed nine-part documentary ffilm series has now won numerous awards and reached hundreds of people worldwide.

Unlock your innate potential for ultimate health & well being

Heal Faster

Recover from chronic issues and injuries quickly so you can bounce back with greater vitality.

Feel Better

Discover proven lifestyle habits that will help boost your energy, improve your mood, and find deeper purpose.

Live Longer

Learn how wisdom from some of the longest living people on the planet is backed by the latest scientific research.

Thrive At Any Age

Cultivate greater meaning and feel more joyous with each passing year as you radiate health well into your golden years.

Jason is Quickly Becoming THE Top Longevity Expert

First-Hand Experience with Recovery

Due to 20 years of his own health challenges that began at just 13 years old, Jason was given the opportunity to discover the reality behind his symptoms. Through a combination of crucial lifestyle modifications and therapies, he has made a full recovery and helps others do the same.

An Extensive Background and Education In The Healing Arts & Sciences

Jason’s systems-based approach to learning led him to study the interconnected nature of chronobiology, social genomics, emotional trauma, immunology, the microbiome, mitochondrial medicine, happiness, metabolomics, Ayurveda, and more.

Access to the Greatest Wisdom-Keepers on the Planet

26 elders across 5 countries on 3 continents contributed their extraordinary knowledge and experience to help shape the ideas presented in this book.

Thousands of Personal Clients and Success Stories

Through his private practice, Jason has helped his clients recover from some of the most complex cases of autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, and other elusive and unknown syndromes.

A Commitment to Experience, Tradition, and Emerging Science

This book is grounded in peer-reviewed research, clinical case studies, and experiential wisdom. It centers on both proven, ancient healing modalities alongside cutting-edge, breakthrough therapeutics and technologies.

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